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ACTIVON obtained the EFfCI GMP certification

ACTIVON obtained a certification of EFfCI-GMP.

EFfCI stands for European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients which represents over hundred of the cosmetic ingredient companies in Europe until today. In addition, it publishes EFfCI-GMP to manage certification systems through third-party certification institutions.

EFfCI has proposed standards for cosmetic raw material manufacturers, but in order to obtain EFfCI-GMP certification, ISO9001 certification, systematic quality control, compatibility of manufacturing environment and process standards, submission of GMP operation records for cosmetic raw materials and safety compliance, management monitoring, etc., are required. EFfCI-GMP is an important certification standard for ensuring the quality and safety of cosmetics ingredients, not compulsory, but trusted as a cosmetics manufacturer.

Global cosmetic companies must evaluate raw materials and ingredients companies according to supplier evaluation regulations, and EFfCI-GMP is a system that must be prepared to supply raw materials to the global market. The raw material companies that have obtained the EFfCI standard are mainly European companies such as Naturex, Coatex and ERCA, and only a few companies in Korea have obtained this certification.

Over the past 10 years, ACTIVON has been dedicated to developing cosmetic materials safe for human and nature, and through this acquisition of EFfCI-GMP certification, it has gained international competitiveness and has grown into a more reliable material company not only in Korea but also in the global market.

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