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On January 3rd, ACTIVON held an ESG management proclamation ceremony along with the new year kick-off meeting. Through this proclamation ceremony, we reflected on the meaning of the company's mission, "We make happiness," and declared that we would contribute to the happiness of mankind through our business and create a sustainable future.


We recognize that responding to climate change and building a sustainable ecosystem for society is a common task of the times. We declare as follows that we will promote ESG management that creates long-term value through business activities of ACTIVON for all stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, partners, and local communities.

1. We strive to achieve carbon neutrality by developing innovative technologies and contributing to carbon emission reduction. In the short term, we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions through process efficiency, while in the mid to long term, we will strive to achieve complete carbon neutrality through innovative technology application and eco-friendly projects.

2. We establish specific plans for achieving carbon neutrality in the future, and consistently announce our efforts and achievements for carbon neutrality.

3. We set up the ESG committee to accelerate ESG management, and systematically manage the company-wide ESG management execution through the ESG project team.

4. We reflect ESG management performance in the performance evaluation of ACTIVON managers to induce and manage company-wide ESG management.

Through this, ACTIVON Co., Ltd. will be reborn as a global leading ESG management company and contribute to the happy life of mankind while improving corporate value through sound growth.

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