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<2022 New Product>Activonol Green-ACTree

Activonol Green-ACTree Features

INCI name: Magnolol,Honokiol, Glyceryl Caprylate, Propanediol

•Excellent antimicrobial activity

•Antimicrobial effect against various microorganisms

(Athlete's foot-causing fungi, Dandruff-causing yeast, acne-causing bacteria, vaginitis-causing yeast,etc.)

•Wide compatibility (O/W type, W/S type, Oil type, Wash-off type)

•Antimicrobial effect against Dandruff strain

•100% Naturally derived ingredient (COSMOS, ECOCERT)

•Patent applied (KR 10-2021-0151182)

•Recommended concentration: 1.5~2%

Activonol Green-ACTree Test Data

1) Preservative Efficacy Test : Shampoo, Activonol Green-ACTree 2%

2) Preservative Efficacy Test : Cream (O/W type), Activonol Green-ACTree 2%A


3) Preservative Efficacy Test : Oil balm, Activonol Green-ACTree 2%

4) Preservative Efficacy Test : Cushion foundation (W/S type), Activonol Green-ACTree 2%

7) Antimicrobial Activity

8) Antimicrobial activity on acne-causing bacteria, Dandruff-causing yeast, Athlete's foot-causing mold

9) Antimicrobial effect against Dandruff strain (M. furfur)

Dandruff strain : Malassezia furfur ATCC 14521

Inoculation : 2.5 x 105 CFU/g

Sampling : 0 day, 1 day, 2 day, 3 day

Storage condition : 35℃

10) Solubility

S : Soluble

I : Insoluble

11) Stability

* Crystallized when stored frozen, but dissolved stably without sediment upon thawing

12) Single Patch Test

The sample was patched on the back of more than 30 adult testees aged 20 to 60. After 24 hours, the patch was removed, and symptoms such as red spots and swelling were visually inspected according to the skin irritation assessment standards. The test results were analyzed in consideration of primary cutaneous irritation index (PCI) and sample types.

Testing Lab: IEC KOREA CO., LTD.

Report No.: 21-K169432 Published by I.C.H. (Topic E6: CPMP/ICH/135/95)

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