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Honeysuckle Flower Vinegar

• Honeysuckle Fermented Flower Vinegar
• Anti-inflammatory effect
• Supply available tranditional vineger of curcuma longa, black Rice, black galic, and rose etc.

A-CAP Series

• Collagen Capsule for Unique Formula
• High loading of Core Materials (>80%)
• Core (oil components) provide long lasting moisturizing
• Adjustable size, thickness, strength of capsule
• Control release of active molecules

Fruit Max Brown Green

• Natural pigment


Patented Anti-Aging Peptide
- Increase collagen synthesis
- Increase KGF expression
- Increase Ki-67 expression
- PCT/KR2006/000275
- KR10-2007-7017096

Sprout GF Complex

• Sprout energy complex
- Skin growth factor & proliferation
- Skin barrier recovery
• Stem cell activator

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